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Frequently Asked Questions

Current Tenant

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General Questions

Common questions our tenants have had for Wood Buffalo Housing.

A tenant can make payment at the Administration Office or online. Available options to pay online are: 

  • Rent Café – Online Tenant 
  • Debit Card through the Online Tenant Portal 
  • Bill Payments available through most major financial institutions 
  • Credit Card through the Online Tenant Portal 
  • Electronic Fund Transfer

Available options to pay at the Administration Office are: 

  • Debit Card 
  • Cheques 
  • Money Order 
  • Draft 
  • Cash but this is only in exceptional circumstances. We do not recommend cash payments. 

For maintenance requests or to receive updates on a current maintenance request, call 780-799-4050.

For after hours emergency maintenance requests call 780-799-4050. 

Remember that rent is due on the first of each month. You can apply for a rental subsidy through the Rent Supplement Program. Please click on this link for further information.

During the day, please call 780-799-4050 for assistance. After hours you need to contact a locksmith to unlock your door. If they change the lock, you will have to inform us on the next business day of this lock change.

Tenant Portal

All tenants of WBH can access our online Resident Portal.


All application forms once completed can be submitted to applications@wbhousing.ca


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