Tenant Handbook


  1. Unit is to be vacant by 12:00 noon on the last day of tenancy.
  2. Forwarding address must be given to a Wood Buffalo Housing representative during or prior to the checkout inspection.
  3. Please contact your Wood Buffalo Housing office at least 2 working days prior to vacating to arrange an appointment for a checkout inspection. Inspections are made during office hours only, from Monday to Friday. If you wish to waive your right for an inspection, please do so in writing. All attempts to make an appointment will be documented.
  4. All extra items installed by you, must be removed. However, sometimes it causes more damage to remove these items than to leave them. Please do not attempt to fill holes in walls or repaint. If you are in doubt, please check with the office.
  5. It is your responsibility to notify our office if you are unable to dispose of large pieces of furniture. The Security Deposit you paid can assist in disposal of these items. Please refer to the tenant charge back list for cost associated.
  6. If vacating in winter, leave thermostat at 15 degrees to prevent freeze-ups.
  7. Leave all cable outlets intact. Vacating tenants will be charged for missing cable attachments.
  8. Leave all cable, internet boxes and remote controls. For those tenants in units where cable and
    internet are supplied, vacating tenants will be charged if these items are missing.
  9. Return ALL keys to the Administration Office. Rent will be charged until all keys have been returned.
  10. If vacating a furnished unit, please ensure that ALL furniture is in the same condition as when you moved in. If Furniture is damaged, you will be charged accordingly. Please remove pillows from bedroom, as they will be replaced.
    • All items belonging to the Tenants(s) must be removed from the unit.
    • If there are items that you would like Wood Buffalo Housing to dispose of there is a cost associated to this. Please connect with the Property Administrator for the Tenantcharge back list.
    • The unit must be thoroughly cleaned.
    • Any garbage or items left by the Tenant and removed by Wood Buffalo Housing will result in the tenantbeing charged.
    • See attached Cleaning Checklist for Vacating Tenants.

In order to leave the premises in good condition, please clean the following items thoroughly. As vacating tenant(s), Wood Buffalo Housing encourages you to meet “above standards” in cleaning. This will minimize any charges that may occur. You will be charged if Wood Buffalo Housing needs to
complete any of the following cleaning:

 Countertops and cupboards

  • cupboards should be completely emptied and washed inside and out

 Linoleum floors and stairwells

  • wash, including under range and fridge
  • wash baseboards

 All doors (both sides)

 All light fixtures – replacement cost is $50.00

  • replace any broken or burnt-out light bulbs

 Walls

  • washed and left clean – without streaks (including behind fridge and range)
  • remove any wallpaper
  • wash curtain rods
  • painting cost would be a minimum of $2000.00 based on occupancy of unit

 Professionally steam-clean carpets

  • • rental machines are discouraged
  • if not completed, please note the cost for the following size units:
    o 1 bedroom $65.00; 2 bedrooms $130.00; 3 bedrooms $260.00; 4 bedrooms $325.00
  • If the carpets are stained or damaged, there could be a cost of a minimum of $2200.0 to replace the flooring.

 Windows

  • clean inside and out
  • vacuum and wash tracks
  • were curtain rods and/or blinds – repair $150.00 per window
  • screen replacement – $75.00
  • blind replacement – $75.00

 All closet shelves washed (top and bottom)

 Stove

  • clean oven, range hood and filter, burner pans, rings and trays under
  • pull out from space, wash sides and walls behind appliances
  • lightbulb to be replaced by tenant

 Refrigerator

  • wash racks, drawers and shelves
  • clean freezer
  • pull out from space, wash sides and walls behind appliances
  • leave plugged in, running and door closed
  • lightbulb to be replaced by tenant

 Bathrooms

  • toilet, tub, tiles, sink, mirrors, fixtures, fans and vanity
  • replace any missing sink or tub stoppers

 Outdoors

  • clean patio area and ensure free of debris/garbage
  • grass mowed (summer)
  • walks shoveled (winter)
  • animal waste removed (minimum $100 but up to $500 depending on
    the extent of the debris)

 Furnished Units

  • Please wipe down all Furniture
  • Wash all dishes (pots and pans, all silverware, and dishes)
  • Remove pillows from bedroom, as they will be replaced
  • Wash all dish cloths and towels
  • Remove toilet brush
  • Wash shower curtain and put back up

 Basement

  • wash floor
  • wipe down furnace and hot water tank
  • replace furnace filter – $75.00 replacement cost
  • install new furnace filter
  • large pieces of furniture and/or appliances – Removal cost $450.00
    or $50.00 per item

When you leave your unit and the cleaning is not completed, Wood Buffalo Housing will charge back
following to the tenant.

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment – minimum of $175.00 to a maximum of $325.00
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment – minimum of $250.00 to a maximum of $425.00
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment – minimum of $280.00 to a maximum of $450.00
  • Townhouse – minimum of $350.00 to a maximum of $750.00

Removal of garbage or furniture from the unit will be charged back to the tenant as follows:

  • Garbage per bag $50.00
  • Removal of furniture in a 1 Bedroom Apartment $400.00
  • Removal of furniture in a 2 Bedroom Apartment $500.00
  • Removal of furniture in a 3 Bedroom Apartment $600.00
  • Removal of furniture in a Townhouse $800.00