Tenant Handbook




Landlord Responsibilities

Normal Maintenance
WBH is responsible for maintenance of the premises. If you have a maintenance issue, a Maintenance Request should be completed either online through the tenant portal at www.wbhousing.ca, via phone at 780-799-4050 or through email to maint-support@wbhousing.ca A detailed description of the problem should be sent as well as giving your permission to enter your unit in your absence. Maintenance is categorized as follows:


Low maintenance – response time within two-four weeks. This would include:

  • Repair screens
  • Repair or reinstall closet doors
  • One burner on stove not working
  • Kitchen cabinet doors/hardware needs repair/replacement


Medium maintenance – response time within one-two weeks. This would include:

  • Outlet not working
  • Toilet seat


High maintenance – response time within one-five business days. This would include:

  • Stove not working
  • Fridge not staying cold
  • Windows not closing properly


Urgent maintenance – response time within 24 hours. This would include:

  • Clogged toilet
  • Leaks and plumbing
  • No heat
  • Fridge not working at all
  • Door locks not working
  • Smoke detector not working


We try our best to meet these service levels, but this will be conditional on staff resources and priority


Emergency Maintenance – Emergency maintenance issues include items such as:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Broken pipes (NOT clogged toilets where there is more than one bathroom in the unit)
  • Electrical short circuits
  • Life Safety

Make sure the issue being reported is an EMERGENCY before contacting Wood Buffalo Housing. If an Emergency is after hours, call 780-799-4050. The Answering Service will ask you for your name, phone number and a detailed description of the problem. If it is deemed an emergency, the Answering Service will take the necessary action. If it is not an emergency, the Answering Service will ask you to call the office on the next business day.

Tenant Responsibilities

Tenants are responsible for the upkeep of their unit. They are expected to keep their home clean and in reasonable state of repair. If tenants or their guests cause damage, the tenants are required to pay for the repairs. Tenants failing to report maintenance concerns to their Property Administrator (i.e. leaky taps, running toilets) will be charged for any damage to their unit caused by unreported maintenance concerns and any damages to other units affected by these concerns for example leaks.

Charges are as follows:

  • Repairs by WBH Maintenance – $50.00 per hour plus GST
    Minimum charge is 1 hour.
  • Removal of Garbage from steps/exterior of premises – $50.00 per bag plus GST.
  • Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks & parking stall – $50.00 per hour plus GST.
  • Repairs or snow/garbage removal by Contractor(s) – determined based on the work completed and rates charged by the contractor(s)
Air Conditioners

Window-type air conditioners are NOT permitted. If you require an air conditioner WBH recommends you purchase a floor model type that cannot be seen or cause damage to the exterior of the building.


NO alterations such as painting, wallpapering or redecoration, installation of carpet, finishing the basement, adding fencing or installing a shed, may be done without the written consent of the Landlord.

The tenant will reimburse WBH the cost of any repairs to return the property to the original state or condition, which are a direct result of alterations made by the tenant. All repairs will be professionally completed. WBH will charge the tenant the cost of repair which will include, parts, labor, material, and any contractor fees. Any administrative costs associated with this repair maybe charged to the tenant at the discretion of the Landlord.


Balconies are to be kept clean and free of garbage. Tenants are not permitted to sweep or throw objects from their balcony. You may not store boxes or other belongings (other than seasonal furniture and barbeques) on the balcony. With prior approval, you will be able to store your tires on the balcony if there is no other storage space on the property. Household furniture, satellite radio and TV systems are not permitted on balconies and items may not be placed or hung over the balconies.

Barbeques and Smokers

Due to the increase in BBQ incidents, the Fire Department will be charging the owner of a building (WBH) a “cost recovery fee” of $1,500 for any incident found to be the result of a BBQ installed in contravention of the Fire Safety Code. This fee will then be passed on to the tenant of the unit responsible for the incident.

The Safety Code states BBQs must:
▪ Be equipped with a maximum of one (1) 20 lb. propane canister per installation;
▪ Be one (1) meter (3 feet) from building openings such as doors and windows;
▪ Be three (3) meters (10 feet) from any source of ignition; and
▪ Be one (1) meter (3 feet) away from any combustible surfaces unless otherwise directed by the appliance manufacturer’s instructions.

Apartment Tenants – when taking a propane canister to your unit, you must ensure there are no other passengers in the elevator.

Charcoal BBQs and smokers are NOT permitted on the properties.


A circuit breaker is located:
▪ Apartments – in the storage area of your unit
▪ Townhouses – either in the storage area or basement of your unit

“Breaker” is another word for fuse. Some people are uncomfortable with breakers and fuse replacement. As all circuits are grounded, there is little or no danger. If you are uncomfortable or do not understand what to do, contact the Administration Office.

The breaker is a switch located in the main electrical panel. On occasion, a fuse in the kitchen range may blow but actually the breaker has been tripped. Prior to calling the Administration Office, the breaker should be checked. If the breaker trips, it must be reset like a light switch – flipped off and on. Some breakers do not flip all the way over when they trip, and it is difficult to determine whether they have tripped or not. It is best to turn all breakers to “off” and then turn them all “on” again.

If a breaker will not reset, it may be a result of:
▪ an overload still on the lines,
▪ faulty kitchen or another appliance is still plugged in (It is best to disconnect small appliances before trying to re-set the breaker),
▪ or a weak breaker. If this is the case, contact the Administration Office.

If, during the winter months, your outside plug-in does not work, it may be because water (or melted ice) has entered the plug-in and tripped the breaker. If the breaker has tripped, try resetting it and plugging your vehicle in again. If the breaker continues to trip, contact the Administration Office.

Ceiling Fans

Tenants must request written permission from Wood Buffalo Housing to replace light fixtures with ceiling fans. Ceiling fans must be installed by a qualified electrician and tenants must provide verification to Wood Buffalo Housing that a qualified electrician did complete the installation.

Christmas Trees

Because a live Christmas tree is considered a potential fire hazard, tenants are prohibited from having a live Christmas tree in their unit. Tenants are permitted artificial trees.


No combustible material or flammable liquids shall be kept on the premises except in small quantities and in containers approved for this purpose.

Common Areas

Common-use areas (those areas not directly associated with your unit) are the responsibility of WBH. Your assistance in helping us keep those areas as clean as possible is appreciated. If you see acts of vandalism or where other tenants are not cleaning up after themselves, please report it. With your cooperation, the entire property will benefit.

If tenants or their guests cause damage or keep the property unclean, the tenant will be responsible for all charges associated with the cleanup.

Children are not permitted to play in the common areas of the building or in the parking lot. There are playgrounds on the property or in close proximity. If children are found playing in the common areas, tenant’s will be given warnings and this continued behaviour can lead to an eviction.


The tenant will not drive nails, screws, hooks, etc. into or otherwise damage the walls, floors, ceiling or woodwork of the premise.

Holiday outdoor decorations are permitted as long as the tenant does not drive nails, screws, hooks, etc. into or otherwise damage the exterior or interior of the property. All decorations must be removed within two weeks of the end of the holiday. Any decorations remaining will be removed by Wood Buffalo Housing at the tenants expense.

Exercise Equipment

Due to their weight which can result in damage to the unit’s flooring, tenants are not permitted to bring free weights or fitness equipment machines such rowers, elliptical machines, treadmills into their units.


Tile Flooring – To maintain the tile floors in your unit, the following should be used as a guide:

  • Normal daily cleaning is recommended;
  • Never use harsh detergents, dyes or solvents — hot (not boiling) water and dish liquid works great;
  • Never use scouring pads;
  • Never use excessive amounts of water or let water sit on the floor for long periods of time;
  • Use a good quality floor finish or wax following the directions on the container. Suppliers of flooring products will assist you in choosing the best product to use.
  • Use casters or coasters under heavy furniture.
  • If you have tiles that are lifting or need repair, please contact the Administration Office.


Carpeting – You are expected to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. When moving out you must have the carpet professionally steam cleaned. If not, Wood Buffalo Housing will arrange to have it professionally steam cleaned with the cost charged back to the tenant.

Fire Pits and Propane Fireplaces

Fire pits are not permitted on the balconies of any of our buildings, as well as propane fireplaces. Propane fireplaces are permitted in a backyard of a townhouse.

Furnace – Townhouses

Townhouses – You are responsible for changing the filter in your furnace on a regular basis. It is recommended that you do so at least once per month in the winter. The furnace in your home is a high efficiency unit and air-tight. Clogged filters will cause damage and may result in failure. Should a technician identify a clogged filter to be the cause of the failure, you will be assessed the cost of the repair. Immediately report any noise coming from the furnace or loss of heat to the Administration Office.

Garbage and Recyclables

You are responsible to dispose of your garbage properly. Please obey the following rules:

  • Do not store garbage in your unit for prolonged periods of time. This will result in unpleasant odors.
  • Do not store recyclables in your unit or on your balcony. This will attract unwanted pests.
  • Garbage bins are located on the corner of the parking lot.
  • All garbage must be bagged before it is placed in the collection bin.
  • Pick up overflow refuse.
  • Garbage bags found in common areas or outside the waste container will be searched and a $50.00 + GST fee will be charged to the owner, plus a $15.00 administration fee.
  • Do not depend on the garbage removal service to dispose of large items such as mattresses, couches, batteries, tires and miscellaneous car parts. Removal of these items is your responsibility. If Wood Buffalo Housing has to remove these items, it will be charged back to the tenant.
  • If children take the garbage out, they must be shown where to place the bags. They should not leave the bags on the ground beside the garbage bin.
  • Garbage or recyclables may not be left on the balcony, around the doors or patio, in the yard or in the parking stall.
Hazardous Conditions

Tenants must tell the Administration Office immediately if they know of or find any hazardous or dangerous conditions on or in the vicinity of the rental property.


Duplication by the tenant of keys provided by the Landlord allowing access to any portion of the building which the unit forms a part of and/or distribution of such keys to any other person is strictly prohibited. The tenant will reimburse the Landlord any costs associated with the changing of locks due to duplication of keys by the tenant. The cost to replace lost or stolen keys will be charged to the tenant.

Key replacement is $25 per key. Lock change is $200 per replacement.

Kitchen Range

The kitchen range provided is a standard model and requires certain care and attention by you.

  • Do not attempt to clean the appliance with steel wool or a strong scouring powder. This will scratch the surface enamel.
  • Do not overheat. Use only the temperature required for cooking your food.
  • Clean the oven on a regular basis.
  • Do not use tin foil or aluminum in the oven to protect it from grease. The heat balance will be disturbed, and food will not cook properly.
  • Use caution when removing the burners to clean the pans. They can be damaged if treated roughly.
  • IMPORTANT: The oven will not operate if the oven timer has been left on “automatic”.
    The timer must be turned off automatic before the oven will come on when turned to normal. If a maintenance call is placed and the problem is due to the timer being set to automatic, you will be charged a $50.00 service fee + GST.
  • The range hood must be cleaned, and the filter changed regularly.
Kitchen Range Fuses

The kitchen range has a row of fuses built into it. These fuses are located in three basic locations depending on the make and model of your range.

  • Type I: Fuses are located just above the rear burners and can be seen if the plate is removed. The two screws at the bottom of the console (raised back) are removed. If a fuse is blown, you will require a screw-type fuse. A blown fuse will need to be replaced with the IDENTICAL type i.e. 15-watt, 20 watt etc. If the fuse blows again within a short time, please notify your Site Office.
  • Type II: Fuses are located immediately above the pot-and-pan drawer.
  • Type III: Fuses are located at the top of the console (raised back) and can be located by removing the chrome cover. These tend to be difficult to get at the first time.

Tenants may not change the locks or place extra locks on the doors. If a tenant does happen to lock themselves out of their unit, they will be required to call a locksmith. Due to safety concerns, maintenance staff are not permitted to unlock unit doors after hours as they are not able to verify your occupancy status.

Outside Taps

Tenants in townhouse units are required to shut off the water to the outside taps and drain the lines for the winter season.

Parking Stalls

Parking stalls are assigned when the tenant moves in and shall park their vehicle in the space

  • Tenants acknowledge that any vehicle stored in their parking stall, they do so at their own risk.
  • Tenants are not permitted to perform repairs or maintenance to vehicles in their parking stall or anywhere on the landlord’s property.
  • Parking stalls are not to be used for parking campers, travel trailers, quads or RV’s. Any such vehicles parked or left on the premises will be removed at the tenant’s expense. Any tenant parking their vehicle in an unauthorized area will have their vehicle removed at their expense.
  • Unlicensed, unregistered and/or inoperable vehicles are not permitted. Vehicles with flat tires, broken windows, mirrors or lights, leaking fluids, detached or hanging bumpers or any damage that is deemed dangerous, are not permitted. If the tenant does not rectify the problem or does not remove the vehicle, it will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Visitors and guests may use visitor parking. They may not park in other tenant’s parking stalls unless they have permission to do so.
  • Tenants are asked to try to keep their vehicle parked in the center of their stall.
  • During the winter months, tenants are responsible for the removal of snow from their parking stall.


Wood Buffalo Housing provides courtesy snow removals in wintertime for parking lot and the tenant’s stall. A notice will be provided prior to snow removal. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle will be removed. If your vehicle has not been removed and is towed from your stall any damage to the vehicle during towing, please contact your Insurance company to start a claim. If there are any charges associated with towing the vehicle will be the tenant’s responsibility.

Payment Options

A tenant can make payment at the Administration Office or online. Available options to pay online are:

Available options to pay at the Administration Office are:
▪ Debit Card
▪ Cheques
▪ Money Order
▪ Draft
▪ Cash but this is only in exceptional circumstances. We do not recommend cash payments.


The refrigerator provided is a standard frost-free model and requires certain care. There is no need to defrost the unit.

  • Never chip the ice out of the freezer compartment with a sharp object. A,punctured evaporator is expensive, and the cost is charged back to the tenant.
  • The dials should be set at (4) and (3) which are normal settings.
  • Never use steel wool or strong scouring powders to clean the exterior or interior surfaces.
  • Do not use force to close the freezer compartment door.
  • Never leave the doors closed when the refrigerator is turned off.
  • Do not overload the refrigerator. It needs proper air circulation to work effectively.
  • Do not place hot items in the refrigerator. Let food cool to room temperature before placing it in the refrigerator.
  • Do not load the refrigerator with a lot of items and expect them to cool immediately. The
    refrigerator cannot handle large loads suddenly.
  • The refrigerator MUST be pulled out and the coils on the back thoroughly vacuumed on a regular basis. Report any problems beyond your control to the Administration Office.
Repairs to Rental Premises

Tenants can do some minor repairs themselves including changing light bulbs and furnace filters.

Tenants may be charged for call-outs and repairs in the following situations:

  • the tenants, or people allowed on the premises by them, caused the problem;
  • the contractor determined there was nothing wrong.
Satellite Dishes, Radios and TV Antenna and Towers

Satellite dishes, telephone, radio or TV antenna and towers may not be erected, installed or attached to the building or fence.


Tenants may not place signs, placards or notice plates for advertising purposes anywhere in the rental premises or on or about the property.


Smoking is not permitted in your unit, in the building or on the balconies. This includes marijuana. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas and not within 10 feet of entrances/exits.

Tenant are not permitted to grow marijuana plants on the property.

Snow Removal/Parking Lot Sweeps

Townhouse tenants must keep their sidewalks, steps and parking stall free and clear of ice and snow. WBH is responsible for all walkways in the common areas.


The thermostat in your unit should be set in the 70 degree Fahrenheit (20 degree Celsius) and 72 degree Fahrenheit (22 degree Celsius) range.


Tenants should have a good toilet plunger and should use it if the toilet becomes plugged or backs up.

Tenants will be charged the full cost of the service call if a plumber is called out and only need to plunge the toilet to clear it.

The minimum cost is $150.


Water must not be left running unless in actual use. To prevent flooding, shower curtains must be left inside the tub.


The tenant will use the window coverings supplied by the Landlord. The tenant is permitted to hang curtains in the unit as long as they are acceptable to the landlord. The tenant is not permitted to hang any other coverings like sheets, blankets, tarps or foil on the windows. If windows are left open, you will be responsible for any damage caused to the plumbing due to freezing or damage to walls and floors due to rain.


No wires or electric lights, television or radio connections are to be added to the premises. The position of the existing wires must not be altered. The telephone must remain at the location provided in the premises.


Townhouse tenants are required to keep both the front and back yards clean and tidy. Laundry, rugs, mats, clothing and bedding must not be hung from the fence. During the summer season tenants must cut and water their grass and lawns. Flowers, hanging plants or other objects may not be placed on the fence.