Tenant Handbook



Our Programs

WBH is a not-for-profit, arm’s-length, Part 9 subsidiary of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB). We collaborate with numerous stakeholders in the region, including residents, community groups, non-profits, industry and government to pursue safe and sustainable housing solutions for all residents of our community.

WBH currently provides over 1300 units of housing across the RWMB which includes Fort McMurray, Anzac, Conklin, Janvier, and Fort Chipewyan.

We have numerous programs available to residents of Wood Buffalo, including:

  • Community Housing – social housing units, deficit-funded by Province.
  • Near Market Housing –. This portfolio accounts for approximately 90% of WBH’s portfolio and consists of 1191 units, spread over 16 properties and units in Fort McMurray, Conklin, Janvier and Fort Chipewyan.
  • Seniors Self-Contained – independent living for seniors’, deficit-funded by the province.
  • Seniors Lodge – licensed supportive living facility with 24-hour non-medical staffing, deficit-funded by the province.
  • Rent Supplement – a rental subsidy provided by the province under two programs:
              o Rent Assistance Benefit (RAB);
              o Temporary Rent Assistance Benefit (TRAB);
              o This benefit can be used at any rental property from any landlord in the RMWB.