Tenant Handbook



All our units are pet friendly, within reason exercised by the Wood Buffalo Housing. For example, we will not permit a tenants living in a one-bedroom unit to have multiple large breed dogs. There is a separate pet application that tenants must complete prior to moving a pet into their unit. Fish tanks, 5 gallons or less, is permitted.

The pet fee is $25 per month per pet. It is important that tenants make Wood Buffalo Housing aware prior to acquiring a pet to ensure that they are acceptable to be housed with us and to ensure the safety of our staff, especially maintenance staff who would be entering the unit to complete any repairs. All pets must be on leash when leaving the apartment. Tenants will be charged a fee and can be evicted if the pets are found to be off leash in the common areas.

To ensure the enjoyment of the property for all that use it, pet owners must pick up after their pet. Tenant’s will be charged for the clean up after their pet. Minimum charge is $100.