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Affordable housing in Conklin was the subject of a Memorandum of Understanding signed yesterday by Wood Buffalo Housing (WBH) and the Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee (CRDAC).

“It is an obvious opportunity for collaboration,” said Henry Hunter, President and CEO of WBH. “Our organizations share many common goals in addressing housing issues, particularly affordable housing, in the community of Conklin.”

“We are excited to be formalizing the relationship between the two groups,” said Margaret Quintal, Board Member for CRDAC. “Working together we will have a major impact on the future of affordable housing in Conklin.”

The signing of the MOU is the first step in creating a collaborative framework for addressing common issues, which include:

  • Ensuring Conklin residents have access to safe and quality affordable housing by addressing existing and projected future unmet needs;
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of affordable housing investment in Conklin, including an analysis of program and service gaps between Conklin, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and the Province of Alberta;
  • Conducting a review of best practices for affordable housing as they apply to Conklin;
  • Working together on ongoing issues related to affordable housing, including prioritizing the development of new affordable housing opportunities in Conklin.

Among the next steps for the groups is to create an Affordable Housing Action Plan which will outline shortterm, medium-term, and long-term actions required to address affordable housing in Conklin.

About Wood Buffalo Housing

Founded in 2001, WBH is committed to helping people in our community find the right home in affordable neighborhood surroundings. Since 2001, WBH has helped more than 7,000 people in northeastern Alberta find the right apartment, the right townhouse, or the right way to achieve their goal of home ownership.

About the Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee

The CRDAC is the voice of the Conklin community, consisting of an appointed Board of Directors from the Conklin Community Association and Conklin Métis Local 193. The CRDAC is a one-window interface for Government and Industry to engage with the community of Conklin on social, environmental, cultural and economic interests.

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Conklin Resource Development Advisory Committee:
Jeffrey O’Donnell
Phone: 780-742-4552
E-Mail: jeffreyo@crdac.ca

Photograph of the signing available upon request.

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