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Near Market Housing Rental Properties

WBH has 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments, condo-style townhouses, and 3- and 4-bedroom townhouses. All units are pet friendly and available for anyone to apply. This is the program where we have a vacancy.

WBH built these units at the urging of the Province and the RMWB in an effort to meet the unprecedented growth and demand our region was experiencing during the boom. We do not receive operating funding from the government (municipal or provincial) to manage this program. Rents charged need to be sufficient to cover expenses, however we are also required to keep them at least 10% below market.

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Breakwater is located in the Meadow Creek Village subdivision at 185 Parsons Creek Drive.

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Delta is located in the Meadow Creek Village subdivision at 117 Millennium Gate.

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Creekside is located in the Meadow Creek Village subdivision at 135 Millennium Gate.

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Shores is located in the Meadow Creek Village subdivision at 210 Millennium Gate

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Venture Terrace

Venture Terrace is located at 102 Powder Drive

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Horizon View

Horizon View is located at 103 Powder Drive

Eagle Ridge

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Sandpiper Cove

Sandpiper Cove is located at 204 Sandpiper Road


[sbs_posts cat="edgewater court" type="Property"] Unit Types

Edgewater Court

Edgewater Court is our only market rental property located downtown at 100 Gordon White Avenue

Stone Creek

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Siltstone Ridge

Siltstone Ridge is located at 257 and 261 Siltstone Place

[sbs_posts cat="prospect view" type="Property"] Unit Types

Prospect View

Prospect View is located at 101 Plamondon Drive

[sbs_posts cat="stony mountain plaza" type="Property"] Unit Types

Stony Mountain Plaza

Stony Mountain Plaza is located at 115 Riverstone Ridge in Stone Creek