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Moving In

Move-In Date

If the lease begins on the first of the month, tenants may move in up to five working days before the first without additional charges provided:

  • The tenants have signed their lease, paid their rent and security deposit and provided a copy of their tenant insurance;
  • The rental premises is ready for occupancy and does not require any cleaning or repairs.

Check-In Inspection

New tenants must arrange an appointment to do their check-in inspection. The Tenant and the Property Administrator will go through the rental premises together and note the condition on the Condition Report, which is signed by both the Tenant and the Property Administrator.

It is very important that tenants make sure any required cleaning and/or repairs are written on the Condition Report. If cleaning and/or repairs are needed, but are not recorded, the tenant could be held financially responsible for these items at some point during their tenancy or when they vacate.

If the tenant does not agree with the check-in condition report as completed by the Property Administrator, they should notify their Site Office, in writing, within five (5) days.


Tenants receive keys to their rental premises and to their mailbox when they complete the check-in.

Parking Stall

The Property Administrator will assign a parking stall at the check-in appointment, if required.

Proof of Insurance

The tenant must purchase tenant’s insurance before they can move-in, and they will provide this to the Property Administer. It is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure their insurance remains valid and does not expire during their tenancy with WBH. If an incident occurs in the unit and the tenant is deemed responsible, the tenant must pay for all damages. Insurance is essential in these instances.