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Moving Out

Rental Notice

Tenants must give notice they are moving out in accordance with the terms of their lease.

Rental Notice

Notices to move must be in writing. The Notice may be hand delivered, emailed or faxed to the appropriate Site Office.

Cleaning List

A Checklist for Vacating Residence can be obtained from your Property Administrator. This list can be used to determine what needs to be cleaned or repaired before the tenant vacates.

Check-out Inspection

Tenants must contact their site Property Administrator to arrange a time to complete a check- out inspection. They will go through the rental premises together and note the condition on the Condition Report. Any needed cleaning and/or repairs will be recorded. Tenants also return their keys and parking pass at this time.

Charge-back for Repairs

The tenant is responsible to pay for any damage that is a result of their own actions/behaviours. The unit should be returned to the landlord in the same condition under which was stated in the condition report. You can obtain the costing for the charge-back repairs from the Property Administrator.

Security Deposit Refund

After a tenant moves out, the security deposit will be returned, with interest if:

  • The rent is paid up-to-date, in full;
  • There are no charges on the move-out Condition Report for cleaning and/or repairs;
  • There are no unpaid charges on the tenant’s account for rent, maintenance, parking and/or utilities;
  • There are no other outstanding charges.

A security deposit refund or a statement of account is sent to the tenant within ten (10) days after they vacate. Tenants are asked to provide WBH with their forwarding address to ensure they receive their refund promptly.